It's Just Me!

I’m Opening My First Daycare

daycareSo I’ve decided to open my first daycare centre. It’s going to be a lot of work, and probably a lot of stress at first. I know this. I’ve heard this. I’m ready for this.

First, my daycare will be open in about one month. I’m currently undergoing renovations. It’s located in Vancouver, BC with a second one coming soon. Honestly, I’m very scared to venture into this business. Although my love for children is there, I don’t have any business experience.

I do have my lovely children and supportive husband by myself, so that will have to do. I am determined to make my daycare into the best one in the Lower Mainland. I’ve received a lot of helpful advice from other people who have run daycares in the past.

My second location

I know it’s a little early to be discussing a second location. However, if things go well, I’ll be opening a new child care centre in Coquitlam as well. It will be much larger and will be able to accept more students.

Wish me luck, and I’ll be posting more updates soon!

Things to do on a Friday Night

I’m not the same as I was 5 years ago. Now, Friday nights don’t have as much appeal to me anymore. Sure, it’s the weekend and it’s great to know that there is no work the next day. However, I’m not spending my thursdays deciding what to do anymore. To me, it’s just another day.

Now, I’m mainly spending Friday nights at home on the sofa. Usually, I’ll sit down and watch a Korean movie online at That’s really what makes me feel old now. I feel happier sitting at home watching films by myself rather than going out to the theatre with a bunch of friends.

Today is a Saturday now. It may sound odd, but I’m excited by the fact that I found another website where I could watch movies online. I guess that’s my main hobby so you can’t blame me if it sounds lame, lol.

For now, I’ll grab a bite to eat then get some snacks for the quiet and peaceful cinema night ahead of me today. Until next time, see you on the big screen!