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These entries are the records of my exploration of the rise and development of open access, open scholarship, or open science, the features that became possible in scholarly communication as the research reform movement in response to digital technology developments. I took my six-month research leave as an opportunity to explore the phenomena at a slight distance from my regular liaison librarian role. Many academic and research libraries are steadily responding to adopt and adapt their educational functions, research infrastructure supports, and related policies in response to the movements toward a new and emerging scholarly communication landscape. I hope my research leave allows me to sit back and explore this incredibly complex change or changes with a simple question, “What exactly is happening around the newly emerging research landscape?” ideally focusing on the politics of knowledge production and global inequality.

Before my research leave began in July 2022, I planned to explore non-profit, scholars- and researchers-lead open scholarship ideas and projects as alternatives to the dominant trends led by commercial publishers. In preparation for my initial project focus, however, I needed to position myself regarding the domination of commercial scholarly publishers and examine the dominant discourse among librarians about open access as their primary responses are often shaped by the changing library marketplace informed by vendors and publishers. This awareness led me to clarify systemic issues related to capitalism and neoliberalism, of which scholarly communications are part and parcel, that define and shape our discourse, promotion and planning. I hope to discuss the alternative open-scholarship movement with some understanding of the broader scholarly communication landscape and its politics. (September 7, 2022)