IMPACT at Purdue


IMPACT Program at Purdue University

Earlier this year, I was pleasantly surprised to find IMPACT, team-based, campus-wide, concerted efforts at Purdue University while surfing the Net.  The program is set to redesign undergraduate courses by “integrating a more enhanced student-centered approach that is informed by research and aimed at enhancing student learning, competence, and confidence” (IMPACT web site, Purdue University, 2011).  The scale of  the program is huge.  The program started in 2011, and currently “62 courses and 72 faculty[are] in the program.”  The University gives a $10,000 stipend per undergraduate foundational course to go through redesigning using the Seven Principles For Good Practice in Undergraduate Education:

  • encourages contact between students and faculty
  • develops reciprocity and cooperation among students
  • encourages active learning
  • gives prompt feedback
  • emphasizes time on task
  • communicates high expectations
  • respects diverse talents and ways of learning

The project is led by the Office of Provost and the staff from the five support units work together and help each teaching faculty to redesign the course.  The support units that are involved in the program are:  Purdue Extended Campus, Purdue Libraries, Discovery Learning Research Center, Information Technology, and Center for Instructional Excellence.  The main idea of IMPACT is to “[e]nable faculty-lead course redesign with campus-wide resources.”

This is definitely a huge step up from our humble blended learning project.  This scale of university-wide initiative would easily solve some of the planning and delivery issues we encountered in our project.  This is an enviable project bringing all the learning support professionals as a team to facilitate learners-centered learning of undergraduate students.


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